Does your home need a small facelift, holiday refreshing or a complete gut renovation? Barbara Tate InteriorGraphicDesign will make your path seem effortless, elegant and glamorous!

I am a new designer for the revised economic climate we now live in. It’s very simple. I charge $100 an hour, I do not mark prices up the normal 33%, like most designers. I pass along to you, my discount and exclusive designer access. You pay the vendor directly. It is transparent, you see the discount and I can virtually pay for myself in what I save you.

I take the stress out of designing, with incredible sourcing and vendors that are affordable, unique and elegant! I have the expertise to go right to the source that will be the best look and price, take the daunting amount of choices down to a final edit for you to chose. Once the look has been established I charge $50 an hour to implement the design and guide you with purchasing the final items. I also can offer services for organizing, construction oversight, renovation design material research.