About Me

IGD-logo_Layout-2My work has been published and I have received press on my personal accomplishments. My unique resume before Interior Design has given me a special edge on my glamour inspired designs. As an Art Director in fashion with the top magazines, agencies and catalogs in the world, it has given the fashion/interior design mix that is now the forefront of the design world.

I find the same skills used to convey the precisely appropriate message for each client in art direction are also valuable tools that can be applied to creating exquisitely personalized environments for every variety of living and workspace. Applying the principals of two-dimensional graphic design (spatial composition, color, shape, mood, visual impact) has resulted in the creation of exciting, uniquely appointed and ultimately satisfying three-dimensional design.

Specialties: Hands-on implementation from concept to completion; creative and innovative thinking—not bound by conventional rules, technique, or methods; individualized concepts; unique problem-solving; adherence to tight deadlines; awareness and sensitivity to limited budgetary considerations; extensive experience and post graduate education in all subjects related to culture, art and design.